greys grx 9 ft 5/6 rod


Ross Turner

Also i think you would get 10% discount if you buy your tackle from FMTC

Ron Troversial Clay

Graham, you comment on the thickness of lines has much sense.

However correct casting technique can overcome problems with casting against the wind, even with a thicker line. The secret (no secret really) of this is the ability to cast a tight loop.

All sorts of rubbish has been written and talked about regarding long distance casting and the ability to cast against a stiff breeze. It's all about the amount of line area you can put against the wind. Cast a tight loop and you can chuck 20 yards against a gale.

The way to do this is difficult to explain in words. That's why I would recommend anyone who wants to improve his or her casting technique, to spend some time with a pro.

I spent over 20 years teaching fly casting, but I've never done this since I returned to the UK. I used to make the odd bit of cash doing this. But if any member of FM wants to improve their casting, I am available for nowt.

Well maybe the odd pint.

And that mob on other threads think I'm an ultra tight Yorkshireman.