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Feb 26, 2009
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On my way back from a splendid time with friends on Boxing Day, I stopped in the lay-by at the end of the Llanthomas beat to see if we’d received any more festive gifts from the fly-tipping fraternity. Ho, ho, ho…yes, we’d been blessed with another two sackfuls of trash, one of which was snagged on an overhang and wavering ominously in the current. All things being relative, I suppose this might be seen as an improvement on the pair of dead fighting-dogs we’d been favoured with the previous week; nonetheless, I reported this foul deed to Powys Council and duly received an acknowledgement.

The following day, His Wyeness Geoffrey Maynard of Hay and I returned to the scene of the crime and found three more black plastic bundles, one containing food waste among other things. This one was put aside but the other two were ripped open and searched for incriminating evidence: bingo! They certainly do ‘walk among us’ because it would appear that the scumbags responsible for these disgusting acts live no more than half a mile from the river. Very possibly they’re the same low-lives who dumped the old suitcase, the fridge-freezer and the mattress back in November.

Anyway, they’ve been reported to no fewer than 5 interested parties and we now await events. There’s good photographic evidence but I’m sure FM readers will understand the need for a little photo-shopping at this stage.

Fingers crossed, these tramps will get a nice fat fine to celebrate the New Year: we’ll keep you informed.

Meanwhile, a happy New Year to all of our established viewers and to all those who've joined in more recent times.

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Cliff Hatton

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Jul 2, 2009
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Scumbag Update....Scumbag update....Scumbag Update....Scu

Fishing Magicians will be both pleased and disappointed, perhaps, to know that the unspeakable fly-tipper who blessed the Llanthomas Fishery with his Christmas waste was charged a penalty of £75.00. In my book that's about £7,000.00 too little but it's £75.00 the toe-rag would prefer to have kept in his pocket.

Well done, Powys Council, for quickly following-up the complaint and for nobbling the low-life.