HCS 13'3" Surf Rod Field Review!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Final Version Reviewed For Casting & Handling Evaluation!

To produce the HCS Surf Rods was a 2yr project. I'd like to thank John Bretza of Okuma for believing in a guy that he just met & went on gut instinct alone. Today i'm reviewing the smaller of the 2, the 13'3" Surf Rod (the other is 14'2"). Has 5 guides + tip. 3pc (the 14'2" has an extra guide). Deep pressed 3-legged low rider Fuji guides for both spinners & conventionals w/alconite inserts.

Counter balance weighted butt cap. Non-slip shrink tube on the handle. Abrasion pads above the ferrules for wet hands to bait slime. 30 ton light carbon blanks. Custom carbon fiber pipe with Fuji reel seat hoods. Limited Lifetime Warranty! Yup! Lifetime! Get it registered! You'll also will receive a FREE pouch! The finalized version differs slightly from the prototypes. Both rods still rated for 150-250g (4.2-8.8oz). Now with the reel seat moved up you can really load-up on your casts. On the 13'3" i found the casting "sweet spot" to be 3-4oz. On the 14'2" it's 3-5oz.

Casting in areas of high surge & currents you need to use more weight. In areas of increased bottom obstructions i tend to use the lightest possible weight (3oz) just to save on cost as lead banks aren't cheap. During my year of testing i've landed Jacks, Barracudas & Bonefish. I've had tangled turtles that i safely released to screaming unknown runs but these rods handled well. In our urban times these rods will travel easy in the free provided cases.

The black color will easily match any color that your reel is. Because of the low rider guides you can use either a spinner or a conventional reel. And if you take care of your rod your Limited Lifetime Warranty will take care of your investment. Who else offers this?