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Tom 24 Wood

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Feb 27, 2008
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North Hampshire
I'm not, strictly speaking, a new member having been signed up for a few years, even having an article 'Small river chubbing' published on the old style FM. I've taken a bit of a sabbatical since then but now I'm back and enjoying browsing the new-look Fishing Magic.

During my break I've been busy finishing a degree in journalism, writing some pieces for the NFA as was, getting to work on my own blog and generally trying to establish myself as a freelance angling journalist.

As much as I'd hate to drag any of you away from FM, if you do have some time I'd really appreciate some eyes on Big Fish Tails where I showcase my work and provide news, features and comment from the world of coarse angling. The latest entry concerns a plucky chub I caught that was not quite like anything I'd ever seen before, so have a look to find out the whole story.

If you do have a look, please feel free to leave your responses telling me what you like, disagree with, don't like or anything else that springs to mind.

Many thanks in advance and tight lines to all,

see you around

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