Hello again...

John Heelis

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Apr 10, 2008
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Hello to everyone at FM again.
Seems like an age since i last posted anything here, well according to the little box it was 4/9/9. Well what have I been upto since then? well got married 12th sept last year, not sure if it's just coincidence that I've been a little quite since then. (watch out big thumb coming down again) Still getting to the canal bank up here in 'Pool and I've even ventured out to a few rivers. Which is incidentaly what poked me back in action here, close season an all that. Still happy catching what I can, but still nothing huge to report.
I have been popping in as a lurker every now and then and I kind of missed the old FM palace and couldn't really get on with the new modernistic FM, but now there has been a bit of bait trodden into the shagpile, the furniture has a few stains (i'll blame Corker for them) and the coffee cups are stained and chipped, It's more like home. so I think i'll hang around for a bit longer.

Cheers everyone, and tight lines.