Hello All

I'd just like to say hello to everyone on here. I'd say I'm a "general" fisherman, enjoying all forms of fishing, started off 20yrs ago mainly course fishing, but increasingly putting that to one side to concentrate on piking. I was even out yesterday, hunting for pike on an unfrozen spot on a Lincolnshire River, no joy though! Currently based in Nottingham and starting to concentrate on fishing for the Trent's resident pike.
I've spent the last few days reading all of Derek Gibsons mammoth Big Pike Thread, and I'd like to thank all those contributors as it was very informative and motivational. So much food for thought....

Also enjoy a spot of sea fishing from shore and boat, usually from Whitby by boat and Anglesey being my favourite shore venue.

I'm also planning on learning how to do a spot of fly fishing later in 2011, so I'm sure I'll be on here for advice for that, especially fly fishing for pike.

Wishing all the best for one and all for 2011