Dave Williams

Hi All

Just joined the site and thought would say hello I have been reading through the info and saved me asking loads of questions. I started freshwater fishing last summer moved across from sea-fishing. Currently fish at Eden Meadows in Wingate Durham or The Oaks at Sessay. Best fish is 7lbs Common Carp(probably as didn't own scales then) I love me fishing not the best at it but everyone starts somewhere.

Tight Lines


Rodney Wrestt

Hi Dave,
Welcome to the site, don't worry about asking questions on here as everyone's great with their advice and tips. hope to see more posting from you in the future.

Darren Render

Hi Dave iam new to the site to, found it very help full. I used to do a lot of sea fishing but just starting to get my tackle together to start coarse fishing need loads of help but cant wait to start... have fun!!
Hi all,

I too would like to say a big HI to everybody. I am a complete n00b, only starting fishing towards the end of summer last year after a holiday to White Acres; was a family thing...

Also WHAT A GREAT SITE. I had been looking for a site like this for ages, but only found crap.......

So again, hi all.. and Great site Graham - i think it's graham behind it all after some of the posts i have read, if not then sorry and well done to whoever it is :)


Managing Editor
Thanks for those good words Darren. FISHINGmagic is a team effort. I'm the editor (directing traffic if you like) but there are quite a number of other people behind the scenes doing all the technical and commercial stuff.

And never forgetting all our contributors, including those who post to this forum, who help to make the site what it is.

Simon Hume-Spry

what does the term specimen mean as in "a specimen perch" ?

Gladys Wharton

New member
Hi Iam new to this site and to fishing.After listening to my hubby and endless hours of watching i bought a small set of whips.While on a fishing holiday at Nine Oaks in Wales i had a couple of days fishing and to my surprise liked it .Ihave now got a set of poles of my own and my own box ,to which my hubby has fixed a back rest for me.Weare now both going on a fishing holiday in june so wish me good catching as i am a beginer in this sport. I need all the advice i can get..Well if you can't beat them join them..

Darren Russell

Specimen is realy a reosanble size fish for a species. 2lbs is a specimen perch while it would not be a specimen carp,pike or catfish.

Richard Farrow

Senior Member
Dave , Darren & Gladys welcome to the site and I hope you find it as helpful as I do. Although not a novice as I have been fishing for over 30 years, I still find the site teaches me a lot and its a great place to ask questions, there is a mine of information out there among the FM contributors.

Tony Wainwright (Twainy)

after my performance at the fish in I'd call 2lb carp a specimen!!

Wendy Perry

Hello to all the newcomers and Gladys it's great to see another lady on the site.
I have been fishing for just over 12months now and i've enjoed every minute of it fishing just gets better and better!"!!