Help with Winter Wrecking....


Jason Blackwell

Got a couple of Winter wreck trips booked from the SW:-Exmouth & Salcombe,decent skippers too I think!
As we don`t get afloat too often was hoping for a few pointers:-
Is it just Pollock at this time of year or can we expect Cod/Ling etc?
Is it just lure fishing with Eels/Shads or do we want to take Pirks/Leadheads etc?
We go gilling in summer so know the basics but any hints/tips/pointers from those in the know would be much appreciated!!!

David Craig

Speak to the skippers and see what they hope to do on each trip and you can plan your day around this.
I don't know about your success rate when gilling, one tip is vary the rate of retrieval. When you are winding slowly try and work the lure even slower 2 inches per second is not too slow when you are in the vacinity of the fish.