Hillidon Lakes Hotel


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Nov 3, 2006
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Istead Rise, Kent
Stayed here for 2 nights this week for our anniversary . Has a golf course too if that's appeals. Hotel has everything, spa, pool, bowling alley,golf, fishing, tennis, pool table...the list goes on.

The day before we was due to leave my Chub stalker rod arrived. 2nd eye was broken so didn't get to take a rod with me (I didn't want the back seats down all the time showing my rods etc).
I wasn't going there to fish..... but it would have been a bonus :)

The lake looks as though it's hardy been fished. In 2 days not one person was on the lake.

Beautiful grounds and superb views.

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Short video of some fish sunbathing...

YouTube - Carp Sunbathing
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