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Maybe thats the only way he can hold big fish (god knows why) and didnt want it touching his top? Strange anyway, makes me wonder when people need to hold a fish using a towl, if you don't like handling them don't go fishing.

Bryan Baron 2

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Just recieved this email from him.

sorry to dissapoint you but nope didnt catch the in the shower it was wounded and used a wet towel to protect the fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Somebody should have told Dave that a towel would cause more damage by removing any protection and leaving the wound open.


correct Nickarlarse, we all have to learn!

Isn't there an saa handling code someone could send the guy or link it here!

Kin'ell its not like he took it home and stuffed it!

The Monk

yes with respect it really is up tous guys to guide and not to critsize, In my earlier daze of carp fishing I used to blast out heavy metal music from Peavy speakers from the bivvy, not realising the distress I was causing other anglers who may have been fishing in the margins

now a days I use 100 watt Marshall stacks