Hook sharpeners


Philip Inzani

I have started to use a hook shapener for the first time. I used to change the hook for a new one if there was a problem but it was costing me a fortune when I was using expensive hooklengths like Kryston Snake skin or Snake bite.

So far so good but I have some doubts.
What are peoples experiences with hook sharpeners....are they good or bad ?

Chris Bishop

Thanks for the wire samples - I tried to e-mail you but it kept getting bounced.

I'll try doing them up round hooks etc when I get home and let you know how I get on.

Hook sharpeners - use 'em to touch up lure hooks but don't bother with trebles, just chuck 'em when they're blunt.

Most hooks these days are chemically sharpened, if you're getting probs with blunting them try another pattern..?

Stewart Bloor

I do own a hook sharpener but to be honest, can't remember the last time I used it. I do tend to change the hook if I have a problem, but I can see the point (no pun intended) about the hook length as well having to be changed.


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Aug 27, 2005
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I don't use a hook sharpener and never would. As far as I'm concerned the hook is the most important bit of tackle in the set up. If it blunts it gets discarded and replaced. I rarely use the same hook two sessions running. It may just be me, but I like to be really confident in my hooks. Small ones I will check and change quite often in a session if I'm catching well.

mark tullett

I often re-sharpen bigger (8's +) hooks using a small slipstone. Anything smaller just gets replaced. Most modern hooks are generally pretty good.


Just been trying to catch up whilst the Crimbo dinner is cooking.I am amazed at what I have read! I would not consider going fishing for anything without a hook sharpener!!Never come across a hook that is perfect out of the packet.Some of the chemical ones come close though.Old ladies calling will post more details later!!


Right where was I?Yes I always use a hook sharpener both before fishing and to touch up whist fishing.Try the finger nail test and most hooks will fail straight from the packet.All(well 99%)will fail after a short period of use.I use a Diamond Ezeelap sharpener and find this does the buisness on hooks from 12 to 8/0.I think the main reason most people dont sharpen their hooks is because they can't! Nor can I with the standard files and blocks! the Ezeelap is real easy and quick.I will send in a "how too" article with a few pics to show.I wont bother to discuss why a sharp hook is IMO so important!I think it speaks for it self!