How I Salt Shrimp & Squid For Bait!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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How I Salt Shrimp & Squid For Bait!

Sounds simple, right? Here's a wrinkle. I use rock salt to-
1) Prolong the life potency of the bait by using rock salt. Not table salt. Rock salt.
2) Preserves & TOUGHENS the bait's consistency. Less chance of ripping of the hook during casting. Saves you money on buying bait. Also lengthens the time it can be held in the freezer. Works for all types of fishing baits.

I'm for saving money & time going out to purchasing more bait. Aren't you? I double bag 6pc of shrimp in sandwich bags filled with rock salt. I then put the doubled sandwich bags into a freezer ziplock bag and date it with a count of how many pieces are in each bag. So when i go crabbing i use the oldest bait first, casting with the newest.

For squid i just switch the shrimp out. The only difference is volume. If the pieces are small i put 6 in a bag, slightly larger thicker Ika i put 4 in a bag. I cover generously with rock salt. It toughens the meat. Also when it does get older you won't get that "pinkish" tone and the meat will stay firmer as compared to if you never salted them.

I hope these little tidbits are useful towards your fishing needs.



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