How I Use Elastic Bait Thread!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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I Use Atlas Mike's Miracle Thread & Angler Dream Elastic Nylon Bait Thread!

I use bait thread for casting bait without worrying about the bait flying off. From tough Squid to soft Shrimp & Sand Fleas these Nylon Bait Threads have proven them selfs over the years. You can cast further without worrying about the bait flying off. The bait will stay on the hook longer as it's tied-in (the thread is invisible when wet) so the predators won't be able to chew it off as fast.

This system works & is a proven winner. In crab infested areas it takes longer for the crabs to chew the bait off. This means less re-casting due to lost baits & by the end of the day you'll save money by not purchasing more bait.



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