How To Cast Farther While Plugging!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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There Are Ways You Can Use to Cast Your Plug Farther! Even Works Using Light-weight Plugs on Light Braid!

Choosing the right gear is very important. Length of rod, the rod's power rating, monofilament vs braid & so on. I found using casting gloves/finger guards to be cumbersome when using braid. So i prefer not to use them. I do like using a 1pc rod over a 2pc. But recent 70/30 split configurations has solved that for me.

Everyone has their own preference. No right or wrong answers. What i have found is no matter your plugging set-up there are accessories you can use to "enhance" your current casting abilities. I found 2 products that works well for me. Breakaway Cannons for braid but the Canon has to be offset. The other are wax composites that are applied to the inner guide inserts (enhances both braid & mono line usage).

I'll show how i apply both choices to my plugging rig. This can be used for shore casting baited rigs as well.



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