How to remove a snapped eye?


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I have a rod that has lost an eye on a the third section, snapped right back but left the whipping and varnish (?) untouched but the base is still protruding slightly.
Its a decathlon feeder 360 (cannot get parts for it Ive checked) worth keeping but never felt confident in taking it out to use, can it even be fixed?

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Yes, it can be fixed. Whilst it may not be possible to get a perfectly matched replacement eye, it should be possible to get something reasonably close.
If you feel that a spot of DIY is beyond you, ask in your local tackle shop, they are very likely to have a local rod repairer. Depending on the cost of the replacement eye, the job shouldn't cost much more than a tenner, there's a fair chance it'll be less.

Basic lined guides don't cost a vast amount. Seymo - Rod Guides


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I have two tackle shops which are not the greatest for gear, but both do a rod repair service - one in house and one sent out...
I'm not saying you haven't done your homework ( and you may have a very good local repair shop ) but when I asked one of them to replace a broken ring they said they would 'match' as close as possible.
Being very fussy by nature I wanted the identical ring so I contacted Drennan ( in my case ) and they sent the identical ring which the shop then fixed, and very well indeed !

Yes, a 'close as possible ' ring is absolutely fine BUT when I had mine fixed I made absolutely sure they would do such good matching job with the whippings etc that I would not be able to see the difference - I wanted it dead right and they promised perfection..............It worked for me !!

Not everyone is so fussy though AND I have seen some dreadful 'perfect' repairs in my time so it pays to check !

ps If you're not sure, you could always ask to see the replacement ??

Apologies if this sounds a bit' teaching grandmother' etc etc
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