How To Remove The GoPro 5/6/7/9 Lens Cover!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Lens Cover Won't Budge? Here's How To Open It!

I recently pick-up a hardly used GoPro5 from an extremely nice lady who took great care of her unit. I really needed a back-up action camera that was water proof as some of my back-ups weren't for producing my fishing adventures. I'm used to the settings of my GoPro8 so i didn't have to read up on using this unit.

But there was a huge difference in the lens. The GoPro8's lens is flush with the cameras face. No extruding twist off/on protective cover. That means if it got cracked/chipped there's no way to replace it. You would've had to subscribe to GoPro at $5 a month to get an insurance plan that even covers stupidity to have the lens changed at the factory.

So now i'm planning on not using the 8 & will replace it with the 9. In the meantime the 5 will suffice. I decided on the 5 as it has Image Stabilization. The earlier models didn't have it. The 6 had problems so the 7 was rushed into production. I decided not to invest in the 7 because it was rushed into early production. So i ended up getting the 8. The 9 has Horizon Control! Biggest selling point for what i do.



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