I am lost trying to find replacement line

Corinne Scragg

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Jun 17, 2003
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My boyfriend got me to start fishing with him last year and he set me up with a match rod and reel - the reel has got some realy good pink line on it, it is very strong, but he cant remember where he got it from. I would very much like to find out what this line is called as I seem to keep getting Carp on the end and I want to make sure it is strong enough. Could anyone tell me what it is please?

Robert Draper

I can't think of a monofilament nylon that is pink, could it be a braided line? There are some orange braids that can fade to a pink colour otherwise if you shop around you might find another brand you like. Most rods have a relatively narrow range of breaking strains that can safely be used, if you use a very strong line on a delicate rod you could end up snapping your rod. If in doubt get your local tackle dealer to check it out.

Gerry Castles

I think the stuff you are looking for is Ande, comes in a number of colours including pink.It's not so much used for freshwater fishing but is a very popular brand with sea anglers. I'm not sure what breaking strain you need but I think it starts off at around 10lb or so. You're right it's a very good line its' also probably a little more expensive than other brands but its' high quality stuff. Most of the IGFA world game fishing records were set on Ande line. don't ask me who stocks it, you could try Veals in Bristol (www.veals.co.uk)If they can't get it for you they probably know who can.

John Pleasance

Sufix Magic Touch was pink,and good stuff, but not sure if it is still available.

Originally marketed by Relum.