i came second wowwwwww !!!!


Carp Angler

David, the Skates are Pompey scummers.

I know all about that neck of the woods because I was going to move up there, the wife is from Greenfield (Saddleworth) and we were thinking of moving up that way.
I scouted out the fishing first and realising that it was poor in comparison to the beautiful south I put a stop to the move.

We regularly travel up there to visit friends and I fish some of the waters on occasion.
Most of the lakes in Saddleworth, Tanners Dam etc, are empty of anglers, bizarre when I have take 20lb+ commons from there.
Coz that aint a bad size for up t'north.

David OLoughlin

Okay, I admit that when I came down south I did find the fish a lot bigger & and of course lot easier to catch?