I Need Help at lydd lakes.


Kevin Hewitt

Hi there, thank you for reading this. As you allready know I am a biginner in need of help. I have been fishing at Lydd for 4/5 weeks and i have become very very addicted to fishing, so much so that i go at least twice a week (i would like to go more but the girlfrend of 4 years wont have it), well here is the problem:
1: how do you use a boile trace?
2: what line should i be using when fishing for bream and tench when using a feeder?
3: what should i have as my hook lenth and what size hook?
4: what is the best way to use hemp and what do I use that stuff in those packets that say they will catch bream?
5: if anyone knows the Lydd lakes (not the long lakes or the wind surfing) where should I i fish from?
6: where can i get the cheepest rod pod (with spikes)?
7: where can i get the cheepest alarm (with volume and tone ajustments)?
8: what is the cheepest but best ground bait to use and where do i get it?
9: if there is anythink else you could tell me i would be very greatfull.
if you could answer anny of these questions i would be very very greatfull thank you very much Kevin Hewitt.
P.s. could you please e-mail the info to me as i dont know my way arround the web site yet my address is ibiza_y2k@yahoo.co.uk thank you once again.

ray stevens

Hi Kevin, Nothing like a WIND UP!!is there? anyway I`ll bite, at least you can say you have caught something! Buy a few books or fishing magazines if you are serious, then come back with some questions. Regards Rod Pod.

Kevin Hewitt

I have caught a a fuew big fish in my time 4/5 lb breem abbout 13 of them now one 4.5 lb tench loads and loads of roach and rud but i think my teckneak is weak and i could do with some pointers from people like you. the lake is 6-8' deep 4' out with wead on that 4'. it usto be a quarry. i have bought many books and they are not quite the right thing for me as they all go on about fast moving water and the lake i'm on at times looks like the sea with waves!!!!!!!!!!! so questions ???????? what kinda fish are you ????? haha joke er let me think. what line is best in the lake i'm using with a feeder???? what lb hook leanth and size hook when gowing for 6/7 lb bream?????? what bait for teanch and again hook leanth and size hook????? think of more later when you reply to this thanks again for letting me cath you :-D regards kevin aka ibiza_y2k