Icefishing roach and chub

Peter Jacobs

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Nice one Harvey

Which river is that, it looks sort of familiar?

Also, whereabouts do you get your maggot from these days, Polaris still going is it?


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All I can say is that really is extreme fishing. And we moan in this country when we get a few inches of the white stuff?!

matthew barter

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Harvey, thanks for posting the pictures and explaining what you are doing. I have seen ice fishing in Canada but that was for pike and walleye.

I would like to ask how do you feed such a swim? In particular how much, how often and over what length of time?

Also, in Canada even on the great lakes they were very aware of where the features were underwater, the gentleman who gave me the most information could identify the same holes in winter and summer by looking at landmarks on the shore. Do you guess or have you built up a knowledge of the river through experience etc.

I like all forms of fishing, even types that I haven't tried yet. It lets me dream about something, thanks Matthew.