improving tinned sweetcorn


what is the best way to improved tinned sweetcorns attractivness with stuff from home, like could you use sunflower oil and add colourings to make more attractive to carp. any help about oils you can add and colourings and anything really :)



peter crabtree

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tommy you can dye corn with food colourings usually used for icing.I have black and red in my cupboard and the corn takes them very well.

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and you can flavour corn with commercial flavourings from the tackle shop,these are very concentrated and strong so use very sparingly,one drop of pineapple for instance is enough for a tin of corn,if you overdo it it puts the fish off as well,remember that just because it does'nt smell strong to you it can be smelt by a fish much easier.A word of warning for this time of year is watch out for wasps,they are attracted to flavoured bait and it is on your hands and sometimes your face,not to mention other parts of the body;)
hi peter,
thanks but adding the colouring does it give you and edge over the normal yellow sweetcorn. when i go this thursday ill bring half coloured and half normal and see it if makes any difference.

Old Nick

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Also bear the depth in mind, I found that in water less than around 2 feet, using yellow corn, the smaller fish stayed away and the better sized ones were feeding, if you dye the corn a darker colour as Peter says they may not be as visible and you may attract the attention of smaller fish.

But as always, give it a go and see what works best for you in your given situation.

Scott Whatmore

If fish become a bit wary of yellow corn, a different colour may bring results.
I've never found it necessary to flavour corn, it has super attraction whiff as it is, although for the reason above a change could be as good as a completely different bait.

Trial and error are the best ways to find out

slime monster

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I used to think adding a colour/flavour gave an edge experience now tells me that is not the case but anything that gives confidence is good.

Chris Season32

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One corn variant I have good results with is fermented corn. I often leave leftover corn in the fridge untill it starts to ferment (bubbly and smells slightly alcoholic, not sour). Its a killer when tench/bream/carp are in the mood for it. Worth a try if you want to experiment, tight lines.


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One corn variant I have good results with is fermented corn. I often leave leftover corn in the fridge untill it starts to ferment (bubbly and smells slightly alcoholic, not sour). Its a killer when tench/bream/carp are in the mood for it. Worth a try if you want to experiment, tight lines.
Fished a brand new water yesterday, bright sun and really struggling:( Along comes the manager's granddaugter and catches a small carp first chuck, I know that that is what fishing is all about, but when I asked what she was using, it was some smelly old corn that someone had left on the bank from the previous day. Makes you wonder:confused:
Fortunately, when the sun went down we started catching carp and skimmers, so cred restored:rolleyes:
Interestingly, black halibut pellets seemed to work better than corn, I don't know whether colour comes into it. Possibly being recently stocked they have to be "trained" to get confidant to take different baits. Still I think I will leave some corn to ferment a bit and give it a try.
Tommy, I'd be interested to hear how your session goes on Thursday.

Ben Haigh

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i have good results (usually) fishing corn on a short hooklink, with a maggot feeder full of liquidised corn. a bit of hemp thrown in the blender with it helps too. it puts a cloud in the water which seems to draw in the fish, and give them confidence as well. get a lot of tench this way, as well as roach/rudd and carp. buy the frozen corn for this, as you will go through a lot fishing this way, and it seems to blend well, as it is generally soft to begin with. be warned, it is very messy and sticky, i use a baitbox of water and a towel to avoid becoming a walking wasp magnet

i have some corn which i keep in a jar, that i doused with some scopex about 6 months ago, it pongs a fair bit, smells like cider if im honest, but it works a treat fished as a single hookbait while trying to find the fish on a hard day.

Nobby C (ACA)

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Some fish are wary of bright baits, alittle touch of black/red dye can help here. Or try soaking it in liquid liver or molassess.


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i swear by Pineapple flavoured sweetcorn. Ive not stopped catching on this stuff on my local pond. I fish the corn on the hook and feed a mixture of hemp and small pellets, just a small pinch on a little and often basis. I also chuck about four grains of sweetcorn in after every bite. This seems to keep them interested without over feeding them.

Paul H

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The way I see it is that by colouring or flavouring a bait you are effectively then using a different bait.

Not a bad thing but as others have said, it's only worth changing baits if the one you're using isn't working - and you should try and work out if there is a reason it might not be working on that particular day/venue.

slime monster

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I will add an account of what I witnessed a couple of years ago,...I was fishing the shallow end of a 7 acre lake that does not get over fished ,to my left the Iris plants were shaking and carp were taking something off the surface or so I thought ,having decided to see what they were feding on I was amazed to see it was the seeds of the Iris which look very similar to tutti fruiti corn ,the fish were pushing the bursting pods about and feasting on them I thought I was on to something but standard corn took fish every cast.


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Something I read in this weeks Angling times could be linked to the flavourings/ success with then.

Supposedly flavours such as Strawberry/Pineapple work so well in Summer( Kiss of death in winter) because they are very acidic and increase thee PH coming off the bait. I fished using Strawberry Sweetcorn yesterday with huge success compared to my Father who was using normal corn. A soon as I gave him some of the Strawberry( Which is is also Brightly coloured Red), bang he started catching at a much better rate. So maybe there is something in this??

Just to add to what Slime said. Confidence is the biggest aspect of anything you do. I personally have a lot of confidence in flavourings etc. Just use whatever works well for you.
hi everyone well i went fishing today with some just normal yellow corn and i am a reasonably new angler so i had some good success for me! I was fishing the whip since my rod has snapped and decide to go to a local canal stocked with carp tench and some bream and a few hybrids. my friend who was fishing corn to took the first fish which was a tiny tench not even half a pound but it gave us confidence. i then caught my first ever bream which was about 7 ounces and then caught another over a pound which i was pleased about. my friend then caught a small hybrid, the fish then stopped feeding for about and hour and a half and we were thinking about packing up and going and i decided to stay another 5 minutes. i then hooked into a tench which i found was fighting quite hard. i got it in the net and weighed it and it was just over a pound and i was happy with that since it was my first ever tench too. so overall it was a good day but i only fished the yellow corn. next time i got to remember to dye some corn :)

Stealph Viper

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Well done tommyyyyyyyy,

Sounds like you had a great time, i'm chuffed for you.
Too often to many of us forget that the joy of fishing is being there and catching and not just catching the specimens.

Congrats :D