Inexpensive Bi-Focal Polarised Sunglasses


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Apr 8, 2006
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Cranleigh, Surrey
If you are long sighted and wear glasses with bifocal lenses or short sighted but suffer from Presbyopia (short sightedness that becomes long sighted when corrected with contacts) then you need these. Seriously.

These glasses may be available elsewhere, but I got my pair from Yorkshire Game Angling Yorkshire Game Angling Sunglasses for the very reasonable sum of £16.75 only. Arrived by post within 48 hours, great service. Usual disclaimer, I have no personal or commercial connection with YGA, just a pleased customer.

Why buy these Sunglasses ?

For the last five or six years since I have needed varifocals / bifocals I have precariously balanced a pair of Polarised Oakley Frogskins over the top of my varifocal glasses, never comfortably, never securely and always waiting for the damned things to fall off into the water.

With these Sunglasses there is, at the bottom of each lens, a second inserted clear +2 lens which gives you brilliant bi-focal close vision. So now I can wear contact lenses giving me good distance vision while at the same time being able to focus on items close to hand such as tying hooks and the rest. Brilliant. Together with a full wrap around effect cutting out all intrusive light around the sides of the lenses and minimal eye strain.

They aren't going to win any prizes for fashion or appearance but they do what they say on the tin and the optics are good, not quite as good as Oakleys but £200 odd quid less than having a bespoke pair of polarised varifocal lenses made up for a pair of Oakley Magnesium Swifts....

Good price, decent quality and they do what they say on tin. If you are long sighted or presbyopic then these are a must have. Unless you are so recklessly rich as to be able to afford the £200 + required for bespoke polarised prescription varifocal lenses. Me, I'm Welsh.... :wh

It's not all about the sheep.... :rolleyes:

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PS. Even if you don't want them for fishing they are the bees knees for reading in the sunshine by the pool on holiday !

Just beware the wraparound suntan Panda look :eek:mg:
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