Introducing myself!


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Nov 21, 2020
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Chelmsford, Essex
Ladies and gentlemen! Like some others on this thread and forum, I am a late returner to the gentle and noble art of angling. (I am nearly 60).. Some of what I learned when I was younger is now worthless, however much of it holds true.
I have many questions, which is how I arrived here in the first place.
I have watched many hours of you-tube videos. Most of them informative and kind.
I have also joined some facebook groups. Most of which seem to be #RBWF or #RFWB, followed by the replies "Nice fish, mate" which I confess, I find utterly tedious.
I hope that this forum is different. (I have read quite a lot, and I know that it is).
One morning, I switched on the machine, and was glad to see the 'red notifications', signal telling me that there was lot to catch up on.
I duly clicked, and sure enough, #RBWF and #RFWB..
I was a bit grumpy, and singled out one..
I was horrified when I learned that the #RBWF I had randomly chosen to moan at was one of the premier anglers of our generation, and was the author of several highly-regarded books on his subject.
I will try not to be grumpy with you! Please try not to be grumpy with me!

*random bloke with fish
*random fish without bloke

Another Dave

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Aug 31, 2017
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A fellow Chelmsfordian! I wonder if we've ever met. Do you ever get down the Can?