Is size important ?


Philip Inzani

There seems to be a growing number of anglers who say the weight of a fish is unimportant or make comments like "I don?t set myself targets anymore" Am I the only angler left who each time he goes fishing wants to catch a bloody huge fish, weigh it, take its photo and brag about it to everyone I know ?

Any comments!

Carp Angler

I think a lot of it goes on how long and how succesful you have been in the past. I think (well for me anyway) it's different for each species. I don't weigh or photograph carp anymore, but I do for other species....


Nice to see a bit of honesty Phillip!Most of the guys who claim otherwise are just trying to portray an ultra cult image!A good way of disguising the fact that they never catch any thing decent maybe?I enjoy all of the fish I catch,both big and small.BUT I am always hopping for that elusive monster! Don't matter if I never catch it but it would be time to pack it in if I could not live in hope.

Pete Falloon

well yes I like the monsters, but they can drive you a bit mad with the chase. I'm quite genuinely happy catching smallish fish as long as they put up a good fight and aren't too easy to catch!