ITX Carbon Spinning Reel For 2021!

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Jan 25, 2018
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Reviewed The 3000H Spinner & Spooling The ITX-3000H Spinning Reel w/Eminent Braid!

The ITX series was suppose to have been released during the 2020 iCAST Show. But Covid19 did that in. Only recently the 3K & 4K units started to trickle out. All are high speed 6.0:1 gear ratio units at 1K, 2.5K, 3K & 4K. These reels were intended for fresh water but incorporates attributes to make the series salt water resistant as well.

These babies are packed with features that'll handle most inshore species. And the awesome price point is another Okuma trademark. 2020 marks the 25th Anniversary of Okuma USA. The other reels in the process of being released are the Cavalla, Alijos, & the 4K & 6K Cedros Spinners. When California eases up on restrictions then we'll start to see those new products that were earmarked for an earlier release "Okuma USA is located in California".

Model# Weight Bearings Line Ret Max Drag Mono Line Capacity MSRP
ITX-1000H 7.1oz 7HPB + 1RB 28.7in 7lb 280/2(0.15),140/(0.21),110/6(0.24) 104.99
ITX-2500H 8.3oz " 33.5in 18lb 195/6(0.24),165/8(0.26),130/10(0.29) 104.99
ITX-3000H 8.3oz " 33.5in 18lb 240/6(0.24),200/8(0.26),160/10(0.29) 119.99
ITX-4000H 10.1oz " 37in 22lb 260/8(0.26),220/10(0.29),180/12(0.31) 119.99

(Backed by a 1yr Limited Warranty)



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