John Bailey's Passion for Barbel


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Sep 13, 2011
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I suspect a couple of blanks and all this nonsense will start again!

The worst guess is that the fish just are not there. We have actually seen very, very few fish in the water, either flashing or rolling. I spent hours on the 18th scouting, and spotted exactly nothing. JG saw a BIG barbel upriver but that was a lone fish and a lone sighting. (BTW, I’m confident JG is experienced enough to know his barbel from his salmon. Of which there have been more in the river than for years past!) I have fretted about the effect of continuous big floods for a long while now, and whilst it is right to be proved right mostly, not so in this case. My dread that barbel have been pushed bit by bit downriver over the course of two biblical winters is a real one however.