John Jones R.I.P.

Graham Whatmore

Senior Member
Johnny Jones, my constant fishing companion for the last 40 years died last night. John had what started out as prostate cancer but it was a very aggressive cancer that spread very quickly into his bones and vital organs.

He used to post on here at one time and even wrote 2 or 3 articles for FM that appeared to be very well received but he became frustrated by the negativity of some people and chose to become a sometime looker in rather than an active member.

I have fished with John on a weekly basis since about 1971 and we have enjoyed some magnificent fishing over those years, mostly on the rivers that we both loved and much as I love river fishing I think John loved it more. He was an out and out float man who only rarely resorted to a feeder and seemed to get as much pleasure out of a well presented float as the fish he caught.

I am a bit numb at the moment and finding it hard to come to terms with even though I knew this to be the inevitable outcome, death always comes as a shock doesn't it?

R.I.P. mate, I am missing you already.


Managing Editor
Although Graham and I knew John was fighting a hard battle against that dreaded disease it still came as a shock when Graham phoned me with the news this morning.

RIP John, and if there is an afterlife, tight lines mate.

Peter Jacobs

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Deepst condolences on the loss of your long term fishing friend.

I know you have spoken to me often about John and I feel saddened that I never got to meet him in person, especially as you always had great things to say about him.

Remember the good times you had with John and I would echo GM's comment that if there is an afterlife, then Tight Lines John and RIP.


I never know what to say when I read these so I ditto all the above

Colin North, the one and only

At least he won't suffer any more. RIP

Dave Slater

Very sad Graham. I know how you are feeling as my friend I used to do most of my fishing with before I moved to Ringwood died of cancer a few years ago. I am glad i managed to go and see him before he died. His wife phoned me within half an hour of getting back home and he had gone. As Peter says remember the good times.

Wolfman Woody

I remember you telling me how aggressive it was, Graham, and his life expectancy wasn't good, but that was some time ago and it sounds like he fought it well. In the end, it will always win. A disease like cancer is a b*****d

A lesson for everyone else, anything unusual, get it checked out. The sooner the better.

My condolences Graham to you and, most of all, to his family. A sad loss always.

ED (The ORIGINAL and REAL one)

Heartfelt condolences to you and his family Graham

RIP John


You sound like you have some great memories there Graham.

Condolencesto you andall concerned mate.

Scott Whatmore

Crikey Dad, no wonder I can barelyremember you in the 70's!

A friendship like that would make us all a lot richer. I can only imagine how much this hurts and I am so, so sorry.

R.I.P John, My Dad's best mate.