Knotless and Grinner


Nigel Moors

I've just read a little article in this months Coarse Fisherman about the Knotless Knot and 5 Turn Grinner.
I know carp anglers may well be familiar with thiese already but I have a question about them which I hope someone can help with.
Do these knots work okay with mono, mainly 6 or 8lb Maxima Chameleon? The article was done with braid and I was wondering if this is the only line that they work well with.


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Feb 23, 1999
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Both knots can be used with mono and braid.

Philip Inzani

Nigel, I also saw that article, small point but I cannot see any benefit in using a fexi ring swivel with braid (anyone?)

About knots...I would use a Palomar rather than a Grinner, both are strong but I think the Palomar wins for consistantcy....tie it 100 times and its always good.

The Knotless knot works great with mono but it can cause the hook to sit at a slightly too aggressive angle, particularly with heavier lines. Hard to explain in words but the hook point is sort of turned in towards the line itself and with mono this inturned effect can be too pronounced (for my liking anyway) and may hinder initial pricking.
To alleviate this choose your hooks carefully. For the 6-8 mono you mention I would use a hook with a straight eye, for heavier mono I would choose a hook with an outturned eye, it forces the hook to sit at a better angle.
Hope that helps. Philip

Goose Ganderton

I think the point of a knotless knot is that when you fish a bait on a hair rig that as the fish tries to blow out the bait the hook is forced in a downward direction so causing the hook to to catch on its way out. It works extremly well in my opinion with either braid or mono. On hooks it all depends if you are using a bait hard on the deck or a pop-up as to what shape of hook you use. My current choice of hook is ESP G4 for large hook sizes.

Neil Laing

I am not a very experienced angler so I could be wrong but my humble view is:
Maxima chameleon I like only cos its easy to see and tie knots - have been advised this line has been left behind as other manus.have progressed their mono! I wont be buying it anymore.
If I use a mono over about 4lb I like to tie a separate hair in 2lb mono or thin braid.
I thing the eye of the hook can damage heavy nylon so I wouldn't use the knotless knot.
I think a lot of this is personal opinion and no doubt many will disagree.