Korum accessory chair

slime monster

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I have been toying with the idea of buying a korum accessory chair and have heard nothing but good about them.......except from my fishing mate, he has had one for a few months:confused: now and complains that it is not comfortable due to straps under the cushion . I sat in it and indeed the straps could be felt , has anyone else experienced this?


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I was having a chat with a old boy just this evening who was using one of these he really rated it it had a feeder arm and a side tray and a fixture for putting your brolly in the one thing he didnt like was the weight.

Lee Swords

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I rate Korum gear very highly, I have the rod bag (3 rod version) the ruck bag and a chair.

All top rate gear, it looks good but most importantly it does what it is designed to do.

Peter Jacobs

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I've had mine for quite a long time and never had any problem with the tensioner straps; never really noticed them when sitting on it to be honest.

I've got both the 'standard' one and the 'lightwieght' one as well which is used on the rivers, the standard is my longer session chair for lakes.

You will find that most of the Preston accessories will fit the Korum chair too.

Brilliant piece of kit IMHO.