Lancashire ?Festival of Fly Fishing?


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Dec 5, 2004
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North Lancashire
Lancashire ?Festival of Fly Fishing? at Stocks Reservoir Tues 8th May, 10am-4pm

Stocks Reservoir Fly Fishery is to host a one-day ?Festival of Fly Fishing? between 10am and 4pm on Tuesday 8th May 2007. The free-to-enter event at Lancashire?s largest stillwater trout fishery (near Slaidburn, Lancashire) is to feature two world class fly fishing acts from the USA who will be visiting the UK.

Jerry Siem the US casting expert responsible for developing and designing some of the world?s most sought-after rods for fly fishing, for the american Sage brand, will be demonstrating casting techniques, along with Simon Gawesworth, another fly fishing ?master caster?, who left the UK to work for Rio fly lines in the USA.

The event has been created to appeal to experienced anglers, newcomers to the sport and people who might like to give the sport a try. It should also appeal to Stocks regulars, and those who?ve never visited the fishery before.

For experienced fly fishers there will be;

* Demonstrations of casting techniques from the experts from the USA

* Casting competitions for all-comers, testing distance and accuracy

* Fly tying demonstrations from local experts

* A presentation by Stocks expert Nick Halstead on technical tips to help you catch more fish

* Boat tours around the fishery describing seasonal ?hot spots? under the guidance of Stocks expert and resident fishing guide Paul Bebb.

* The opportunity to have your casting analysed by APGAI-qualified instructors

* An opportunity to try out Sage and Redington fly rods and Rio fly lines, along with other tackle from Greys, Fulling Mill, Scierra, Vision, Cortland, Snowbee, Baleno and Fishpond.

For beginners there will be an opportunity to try your hand at basic fly casting under the guidance of the UK?s most highly qualified fishing instructors

Stocks Fly Fishery is equipped with an excellent clubhouse, and a well-stocked fishing tackle shop. There are toilets for men and women. Non-fishing participants are very welcome to attend, with opportunities for walking and birdspotting, as well as fishing.

There will be a barbeque between 12 noon and 2pm

And will be a free raffle for all who attend who try out Sage and Redington rods, with a tackle outfit for a prize.

Stocks Fly Fishery website includes details of the festival, and directions to the fishery, is at and anglers are asked to keep an eye on the site for any additional developments.

For any further information, in the first instance please contact the proprietor of the fishery, Ben Dobson on 07896 000939. Alternatively contact the fishery on 01200 446602.

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Jun 17, 2005
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i'm gonna swap my day off for this, i've always fancied going here.

see ya there!