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Ray Daywalker Clarke

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Ok, I have had a chat and i am waiting for a final date to confirm.

The dates will be 19th or 26th November, both dates being Saturdays.

Anyone wanting to go, put your name down.

It's the best i can do for now until Lindsey gets back to me later today, If i am lucky ;)



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I'm in but leave your damned eels at home this time ,Clarky !

Actually.... best make it two as I think the Big Feller will be back in action by then.

Neil Maidment

Thank you and well done Ray.

It's a hopeful yes from me, probably the later date. But I'll have to check and let you know a little later on.


Ray Daywalker Clarke

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OK the date is now set.

Saturday November 26th.

Please don't make any payments yet as Linsey is very busy. I will let you know in a couple of weeks time when to pay.

I picked a saturday for three reasons.

1, We won't be fishing the day after a full booking

2, It will give you all Sunday to have a rest from the arm and back breaking fishing we are going to have.

3, Anyone having to go to work on the monday has time to recover.

Ten names so far, room for more, no doubt Windy will have a day, so i will call that Eleven
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Phil's a definate ,Ray. Don't know if you've counted him already but he reckons the knee will be fine by then.

I hope so otherwise we'll be dragging the fat po-po along on a trolley.


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Call me 11.... Thanks for the thought.

Though I have to confirm that I can have Saturday 26th off. Luckily I have a day or two holiday left over, and given four months notice it should be within the bounds of possibility to get that day off.

Cheers all