Line colour, can it be used to catch more?


Rob Brownfield

I have been using Fireline for several years now, in Smoke Grey, but for drifting I use the bright yellow stuff. What I have noticed, although i should have noticed it ages ago, is that i get far more runs on the yellow fireline than the grey. Now this is when fishing 3 rods float on yellow, two with grey, all cast to various spots, swapped round etc.

The thread on "best mono" made the penny drop. Years ago I used Stren line that was available in clear/blue or Gold (yellow). I used the clear for most of my fishing, but a mate used yellow. On the clear waters we fished, he got more runs! When I was forced to spool up with yellow as the clear stuff was out of stock, I too started to get more runs on that rod....but its only just now that I have noticed...d'oh!

Could it be the Pike see this line and are curious? I wonder if it stops them in there tracks and they just have a nose to see whats happening? These waters are gin clear u can see the bottom in 15 feet of water!

Any views?

Ron Clay

Moast of my bass lure fishing was done with Stren white 20lb. I never liked the fluorecent stuff.

Thewse days I have a thing about white or clear lines. I think they are better than dark colours, certainly for fly leaders.

I'e caught a great number of fish lately using clear fluorocarbon. It has my complete confidence

David Will

Rob the Sea Angling section of AT has a bit on line colour today.

Chris Bishop

Some sea anglers have favoured red line for snoods for years.