Lobbying for Anglers Day


The fish made me do it!
Dec 4, 2012
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Freds review of a book ideal for Christmas prompted me to think if it's worth having and Anglers Day in the same way we have Fathers, Mothers, Granparents, Nieces day, Nephews Day, New Day Day, Sell more cards day.

OK sorry, getting carried away there.

This should reall be 15th June so that prezzies can be taken to the bank at midnight:D

At least it would be a useful day and the only cards required are club cards and memberships! hm maybe need to review when these are issued, maybe change the rod license day.

Not sure how daft an idea it is

Even though I'm a father, I detest the piggin day because when you are a father (mother etc.) you realise it makes no difference; you still don't keep control of the telly channel, you still can't go fishing, you still can't go to the pub all you can do is have a normal day after opening a few overpriced cards which could have bought a few pints of maggots. (Don't get me started on xmas:D)


Any thoughts anyone?
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