luncheon meat


nick bennett

has anyone fished with luncheon meat on canals? if not, then do. i caught a decent barbel and a 1lb plus roach on it within a day of trying it in an area where i'd fished for weeks and had nothing. any comments?

Keith Finn

I use the meat everywhere I go lakes, canals,ponds and rivers it works everywhere.
It just has to be a must have bait that you have to have in your bag next to a loaf of bread. Cubed, sliced or ripped it all works, Bream, carp , tench, barbel, chub even roach it catches them all.
i love the bait next to bread that is.

Ray Buckland

Lavendon Mill, Beds. Has anyone caught barbel on the Luton AC waters at LM? It seems as if they should be there, but I have had no luck this season. Help!

Kevan Farmer

Meat - whatever type - is one of thsoe good old fall back baits, like bread. It is pretty well tied to barbel and carp but will certainly catch other species. I have noticed just lately that we are being told by the angling stars that meat has had its day. Nope. I don't think so. I do not think it will ever be fully blown. I see that stewing steak is being advocated for Trent chub now. Well, again it's nothing new. Decades ago it was used for barbel.