Makaira Reel & PCH Rod - Field Tested!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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My 1st Time Using This Combo in The Field!

For months i've had this rig off on the side. Dry & untested. Till 5:30am this morning. I was still working on another prototype rig sent by Okuma but decided to add this rig to the mix today. Still had the original GT knot i added on months ago. It was HOT & muggy all day so i decided to pack it up at 1pm. Just when i grabbed the rod it finally twitched! Bout time:)

I started by explaining the statistics of the Okuma Makaira Reel & the PCH 1pc Rod. I felt remised that i left that rig untested for months. The Makaira would work on any plugging, jigging, trolling or surf casting rig. The PCH Rod was impressive. Used a 6, 7 & 8oz bank and it handled the weight no problem. This rig was shipped to me by Okuma months ago for my reaction. I'm still concentrating on my prototype Alijos 12 at the moment. So decided to combine these 2 projects for today. Came home and the postman handed me another Okuma box. Love getting out of this Pandemic epidemic.

I try not to just fish for the sheer enjoyment. The night before i refresh the stats to myself so i'm ready to educate in the field. Reminds me of my younger years traveling & educating. I've always loved to teach beginners in everything i do. Today i spent time with a visiting family in the field before they went around the island.



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