Male/Female Joints....Removal ???

Neneman Nick

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I have some old fibreglass rods to be stripped of their fixtures and do i remove the metal male/female joints on them ???
I am presuming they were glued onto the blank ??? Would they need heating up,with say a blow torch before removing ???
Anyone with experience of doing this that could advise ???

Jeff Woodhouse

Moaning Marlow Meldrew
Hi Nick,

Teh older rods were usually fixed with old type animal glues and they will normally give with warming up and a gentle pulling and twisting.

Be sure to use something to grip the ferrule around most of its circumferance and maybe put a bit of soft cloth around it before putting pliers on. Do it in stages, don't go heating it until you smell burning, obviously. Little by little, softly, softly.

the indifferent crucian

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I've just salvaged some ferrules and their counters from an old glass rod. I couldn't get any movement whatsoever and resorted to drilling and cutting with a sharp scribe. It took ruddy ages:mad:.

Next time I'll risk it and use the Dremel !