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Brian Jackson

After some advice,
Spent most of my short lived fishing hobby on commercial fisheries, catching for England !
So thought I'd put my newly found 'Will Raison' type skills to the test in few matches on non-commercial water. However, I am just about to fish my 4th match, having blanked on the last 3!
Help !.....What am I doing wrong
Will commercial fisheries bates..such as pellets still work on non commercial water ?
All the magazines I read go into great depth telling me how to catch fish on commercial water, which to be honest is no 'Rocket Science'.

anyone any match ideas for the non commercial fisher ?!?!?!?!/

Ron Clay

If you have only ever fished commercial waters before, you are now going to have to begin all over again.

I am no match angler, but I have won enough of them in my life to understand the enormous difference between natural rivers, lakes, canals or even natural ponds than overstocked, bite a chuck commercieal waters.

Delicacy and presentation is nopw what it's all going to be about. Not only that but you are going to have to learn watercraft and the art of bringing fish into your swim. In rivers especially the fish are not everywhere.

As a specimen hunter fishing rivers, I sometimes spend hours just looking at the river and talking to other successful anglers. Once you have located the fish and have not scared them, you would be surprised how straightforward those fish can be to catch.

It's all about location. Fish in rivers are not everywhere.

Bryan Jackson

Firstly research the water, find out the species of fish present and their sizes. Secondly scale down on the tackle you have used on the commercials.
Thirdly ensure you follow the golden rule FFF (find the fish (where to fish in your swim - watercraft), find the depth and feed the fish), feeding little and often will often pay dividends but on natural waters try maggot or caster as pellet is not often seen by the fish.
Fourth and most important - enjoy yourself! talk to the anglers after and see what methods worked.
Good Luck

Peter Jacobs

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Dec 21, 2001
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Ron and Bryan have covered most of the immportant criteria.
To which I would only add that, to be a successful match angler these days, try to concentrate on just one or two venues. Given the number of matches available it is just not possible to become proficient (successful) if you spend your match time visiting too many different venues.

Good luck, and as Bryan says - enjoy!