match or ledger rod


chris scott

i am on a budget (arent we all) and i have a good rod for carping, but i want to buy a rod for float fishing and feeder/ledgering. is it possible to use just one rod what is suitable for both types. any suggestions on what rod to buy would be much appreciated. 30 quid is my absolute limit for the rod !

Paul Williams

Look out for something on the classified, you stand more chance of something decent secondhand at the price you have in mind.......look for a 12ft rod of avon type (1-11/4 test curve)

James Bradshaw

Chris - there's no reason why you can't float fish with a quivertip rod! Most of my fishing is for perch or chub, and normally involves a fair walk, so I want to cut down as much as possible on weight - I just take a quiver rod with me (as described by Paul in the message above - 12', about 1lb or so T/C), and if conditions mean that I have to (or want to) float fish, I do so! Obviously it's not ideal - but it's good enough for me to get by on. A fairly stiff quiver isn't that much different to a spliced float rod tip anyway - it does the job!

Good luck in your search.

Ron Clay

You are absolutely right James.

I have used a Drennan Light Feeder Rod often for float fishing on small streams. The 1oz quiver is excellent for light hooklengths when roach fishing.

nathan james

Last night I snapped my favourite ledger rod, which was only cheap, when I hooked what I think was a 25lb Carp .
The biggest fish I go for are usually Barbel (River Arrow) and this rod has served me well this year. I was going to buy a Carp rod to add to my ledger rod but now my ledger rod is broke ive got to get one of those first, is there anything in between that can I use for both. Im skint and can only afford one but will need both in the near future.


New member
I would try and pick up one of the original John Wilson Avon Quivers. A twin topped rod that will deal with anything from ounces to 20lb (with care).

Should come in at around ?30, and there may be a few available now the new one is out.

Birds Nest

Try the Angling Centre, Derby for the original JW Quiver. They had plenty in a while ago...

Bob Watson

You could go the way and get a match carp type waggler rod, these are ok for feeder fishing with either a polaris float or butt(quiver/spring) indicator, it depends if you want it mainly for float fishing with the occasional feeder session thrown in or vice versa.