Maver K57

I have a MaverK57 and really like it so I don't want to get rid of it. The problem is top kits and spares are expensive and difficult to come by.

Has anyone got any spares they would sell?

Alternatively has anyone got (or know of) any other kits that fit?

Laurie Harper

Aren't the newer Mavers made on the same mandrels? I know they don't change them every year (although the K series was a while back, so things may be different). have you asked Maver whether kits for other models will fit? Also worth trying "universal" kits from Daiwa, Fox, Preston, etc. They all do them.

Mitja Kmetec

New member
I have also maver K57 and canne renegade with 5 top kits. all this goes together and have bought It half year ago.

Now I em selling all this beacuse I have one other sponsor company. If you wone to buy It It cost all together 1100€