maver match this hooks to nylon problem


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Jul 9, 2009
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I find these briliant hooks to nylon untill on my 4th or 5th packet i Have come across a problem only on the size 12 to 8.6lb 15" maver match this barbless carp feeder they snap ! lost three fish last sunday not massive fish two in the 4-6 lb bracket and 1 even smaller prob 2lb this from the bend in the rod that I have been using for a few years now so I have a pretty good idea how it reacts to different size fish.

The set up was 1.75 ron thompson warlord barbel rod with 12lb flouro coated power carp main line a lead clip with a 1oz bomb and then the size 12 -8.6lb 15" with a cut down boilie and a very small pva bag of bits .

With this set up i can go down to a 5lb hooklength without problems normally but on three ocasions a brand new hook length snapped under moderate strain not on the knots and no sign of line damage .

There are no real snags in the water and the size 16 -7lb treated the same way with the same rod etc don't snap.

My local shop has given me a new packet of the same telling me to try them and let them know the results in case its a bad batch .

Just wandered if anyone else has had this problem I love the hooks as they are so easy to get out of their packets compared to any other hook to nylon I have tried, you can even bait them up before taking them of there little card .


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Oct 26, 2011
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West Oxfordshire
Yeah I've used these in a 12 and 14 and no problems.

Seems a bit wasteful how they have each one on its own bit of card though. Creates quite a lot of rubbish.

Probably prefer the traditional 'book' style with hooks to nylon.