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Hi any tips on how to get your pellets to stick and mould up, like you see in the fishing mags ? I end up squeezing them on by hand and letting the hook length dangle free.
I tried soaking 4mm sticky bait pellets for 4 minutes then draining today they did stick, but usually to the mould rather than the feeder.


The fish made me do it!
A mould is a mould, so long as the feeder fits. Quite a few people still squeeze the bait when using one.

john step

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I was advised on FM by John Keane to put a wrap of cling film round the mould . It works a treat. The shaped feeder comes away perfectly.

Also I mixed sticky 2mm pellets with some feeder groundbait to keep it intact whilst it sinks. That works a treat as well.

EVOLVED BAITS sweet fishmeal sticky pellets.
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John Keane

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I haven’t used a Method Feeder proper for about 5 years now. Hassle getting the pellets right, hassle with them sticking to the mould although keeping the mould in a bait box full of water between casts or using cling film help with this.

I use a Hybrid Method Feeder, originally Guru, now Preston quick change, as the pellets don’t have to be spot on or too sticky and changing the size of feeder to suit time of year or feeding frenzy works for me.

Try a Hybrid Feeder, you won’t go back to a normal Method.


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I add sonubaits method mix to pellets soaked for 10 seconds (then drained) works for me

also (off topic) I also pin an olivette up the line with a float stop to avoid spooking fish off the line

Jeff Woodhouse

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I have used the Marukyu 2 and 4 mm pellets, mostly 2 with a few 4mms thrown in to keep the fish happy. However, my stocks of Marukyu are running low and I have now tried Ringers Micro Sticky, which aren't bad, but nowhere near as good, IMO. I am going to try Evolved Baits sticky pellets soon as I think they might be as close to the Marukyu ones as possible.

EV Sticky Method Pellets - Sweet Fishmeal – EvolvedBaits

First thing is not to wet them too much, and leave them at least 3 mins, the longer the better. The mix of 2mms to 4 mms is only about 10% of the large ones. I even mix a few Dynamite Betaine Green ones in at times, don't know if it does any good, but it works OK for me. I use both the Drennan large feeder and MAP large both around 30gms, this stops the feeder easily being pulled off target as you tighten up.

And here's something stupid, I even catty some similar dry 4 or 6mm pellets out across the target area to get carp feeding from around.

Golden Eagle

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Rather than soaking micros based on time it’s far easier to do based on volume.

Mix 2 parts micros to 1 part Groundbait (I use match method mix), dry.

Then add 2 parts water, mix well, leave for 15 mins and hey presto, perfect for the feeder.

For measuring I use a plastic cup, but anything will do.

To stop sticking to a mould, put the mould in a freezer bag and tie it loosely around. The plastic bag will not stick and also acts as a lift away from the mould when pulled taut.

Getting the pellets right is vital, I ALWAYS put the hookbait in the feeder.

Brand of feeder is largely irrelevant.


I guess there are a lot of ways to skin a cat....

Mine is using Sonubaits fin perfect 2mm micros. I'll also add a handful of 4mm into the mix to give some variety. Soak for 45-60 seconds with enough water to just cover the pellets. Drain. Leave for 15 minutes. Got this from a Des Shipp you tube video.

I'll sometimes use about a 2:1 mix with some groundbait, more for attraction than making the pellets bind although it sometimes helps.

Hookbait is always enclosed in the feeder. I'm using 6-10mm banded wafters as my main hookbait.

My feeders are Preston Innovations large/small method feeders with the appropriate mould or their dura-banjo (enclosed/hybrid) feeder in large/small again with the right mould as weather gets colder. Don't seem to have a problem with them sticking to the mould.

Hope this helps.

John Keane

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Everyone has their own faddy ways of doing pellets. My faddy way is to put Ringers Method Micros, in a bait box and add just enough water to soak the pellets so that you can
“make puddles” on the surface by gently pressing down with fingertips. Leave them half an hour to absorb all the water, stir them around and then use. Freeze any left over and repeat as many times as you like.

Alternatively, dump the Method Feeders and use Hybrid or Banjo Feeders and the whole process of getting the pellets “just right” and trying to prevent them sticking to the mould becomes redundant!


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It grieves me to say that whilst useless at most things piscatorial, preparing micros has never presented a problem. I add just enough water to make them damp stirring thoroughly with a spoon. I then set up my rod, pour a coffee or have a pee and they are ready. After the first cast I mix them again and that’s it. In warm weather and direct sunshine they will need dampening down but they stick and work well. I also buy coppens or skrettings in 5 or 10 kilo quantities. The smaller proprietary bags are stupidly expensive imo.