Modified SPYDRO Fishing Camera For Shore Casting!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Spydro Is An Underwater Camera That Attaches To Your Leader!

December in Hawaii means bad weather. I went out in high winds to field test my Spydro Underwater Camera. I threw my rig out to roughly 40ft of water on my first cast. But something was wrong, the angle of the line told me the unit was bobbing rather then sitting on the bottom. When i brought it back in i noticed the plastic sleeve that held the ingot weight separated from the metal bracket. The impact of the 3oz unit on a wind-churned surface launch from an elevated distance was like Fat Albert doing a belly flop.

I contacted Mirko at Spydro & i sent the video of what transpired. I also explained i may have a way to cast with a weight system that'll handle rough surface conditions as Mirko explained Spydro was initially intended for trolling & jigging off a boat. I haven't tried this out in the field yet but i know it'll work. My local buddies like Myron Cuz wants to get these units to showcase their fishing adventures. They're waiting to see how i'm able to use it first before they purchase theirs.