Modify Your Palomar Knot!

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Jan 25, 2018
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Wet & Highly Glossy Coated Lines. If it's Lighter Gauge Braid, Monofilament or Fluorocarbon They Can Slip When Wet, & Has!

For years i've been showing my modifications in the field on tying my modified palomar knots. But it was in the field & not enhance or explained thoroughly in detail. Recently an angler was complaining about using a 6lb monofilament line that he used to tie a palomar knot & the knot would pull apart during a heavy strike.

In this case the line & strength he was using was the same brand & strength that i had problems with as well. But only in 6lb & 8lb strengths. This brand is known for its "glossy surface". I've suspected that the smooth surface texture in lighter gauges have caused my earlier attempts using this monofilament to unravel, having the knot pull itself apart.

I've had this happen using lighter braid line gauges in the past as well. So i've tried to create more "friction" so these problems will never happen again. And they haven't. The line friction caused by the modified knot doesn't cut into the knot itself. It holds very well. Years of trolling, jigging, plugging, whipping & dunking have shown me these modified knots do hold.

How can i tell? If properly tied the line will break along the line itself, never at the knot.



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