Morale booster


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We're all going to need to keep our peckers up through what are going to be some incredibly testing times and whilst we all need to keep up with the news and advice we also need to balance that with a break from it in order to ensure our mental wellbeing.

I know I can become overly distracted by what's happening which in itself is not good and a break from it always results in a clearer head and a lighter mood.

I have literally thousands of images from fishing sessions over the years which I will begin to post randomly and I hope people enjoy them.

No themes or explanations required, no discussion needed (but encouraged if anyone wishes) and I hope many will join in and post theirs.

I'll kick off with a couple which might just help the imagination with a tap on the tip or a dip on the float ...



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What a nice idea!
I spent the day tidying my very messy garden in pleasant sunshine and feel a lot more positive for it.


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I know what you mean about needing a boost.

I booked a couple of fishing holidays here:Bank Cottage - Visit The Malverns on the Severn.

I had a week there last September before the floods came and caught plenty of quality roach, and bream around the 7lb mark.
So I've got it booked for first week of October this year and a week in August for 2021.


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My morale boost was a walk in the woods with a camera I say was, all the country parks near me are now closed from tonight
Will have walk some of the local footpaths.