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I've had a fair few Ballans down in Cornwall, Pemberth was a good spot off the rocks to the right at low tide and a beautiful little place.

And yes, the bigger ones go like stink for the rocks...


Keith M

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Re: Morale boostermk

When I lived in Cornwall I used to see the Wrasse feeding by a sewer outlet amongst the rocks at Porthleven.

I caught a few when I fished a Royal Naval team Match off of the rocky breakwater in the sound at Plymouth, and they dived into the rocks as soon as they were hooked.

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Re: Morale boostermk

Photo of an old Photo but one of the more unusual swims I used to fish on the river.
Regular soakings were all part of the day when one of the big barges steamed by too close and the wash flooded everything. Even though it couldn’t be in a more urban setting with a major road directly behind, it was actually very peaceful. You were hidden from view & the wall blocked the noise of the road so you just heard the lapping of the water. Kingfishers were in abundance & I never saw another angler within a mile of me. The little indent to my left was a shallow plateau & a banker for a river Tench on a hot day.

Tightrope1 (2).jpg

I called it the tightrope swim for obvious reasons. Thats the only access & its 15 foot of water straight down!

Tightrope2 (2).jpg


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Re: Morale boostermk

Wrasse do not make good eating hence the reason you do not see them for sale.


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Just one of those days!

Armed to the teeth and bristling with Perch gear but I knew it wasn't going to happen so time to kick back, soak up the Spring sunshine and enjoy just being there whilst wondering what the heck they're up to instead...

net worth 21 savage

As the saying goes though, there's always a next time...



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This mornings walk.first a shot of the ribble at edisford just below the bridge, river is getting very low after this dry spell.
Had a nice walk by the river, very few people about with lockdown, normally there’s a lot down here, gets absolutely packed on a hot weekend.

Left the river and followed the path down through the woods, saw a speckled wood butterfly but it flew away before I could take a picture.

Lots of wild garlic in flower under the trees, there was a strong smell of it as well.

Carried on down the path to the river again, it used to be Clitheroes rubbish tip down here but it’s full now and no longer used, could hear plenty of bird but didn’t see many, now the trees and bushes are in full leaf,
Did see this fellow, there’s a few of these down here by the house and recycling centre.


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It might not look like much but this year is the first time this Peony has properly bloomed since it was planted in 2003. Usually the ants cover the buds in sticky stuff and they never open.



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Here in France the government has produced a plan to ease the lockdown. Regions that meet certain criteria such as number of Cov19 cases, hospital capacity, transmission rate etc are given a colour. Red is clearly bad, Orange needing some improvemement, Green is good to go.

Lot 46 (my region) is in the Green, meaning some other businesses allowed to open and we can travel up to 100 km radius from our homes. We still have to observe social distancing rules.

Fishing is on again from Monday the 11th ! :cool:

Tomorrow I will make up paste baits and prepare groundbait. Monday morning will bait up a few swims. Weather forecast heavy thunderstorms (after a week of great weather! :mad:) so may not fish until Tuesday.

France was a little ahead of UK going into lockdown. Hope you guys get a break soon and things open up a bit for you as well!

ian g

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Nice long HDYGO .....please.

I walked my local canal today , it was like an aquarium in parts with loads of roach , bream and small perch basking in the upper levels . Bet they disappear along with lockdown;)


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A small stream and typically perfect, equally small Chub...

And another warrior...

And one of my favourite alternatives when they're messing with full worms without showing any commitment, maggot clips offer a less linear presentation to hair rigs which in turn has benefits when you think it through and there's little need for feed when your bait is giving off what this does.

Good on hard days when it's easy to overfeed and Bream like it too, but don't let that put you off...

classes needed for forensic anthropology


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Today is the end of the strictest lockdown in France :D

Despite the terrible forecast for thunderstorms I went down to the river to bait a couple of swims. Of course I packed a telescopic rod - just in case!

As it happened the weather was lovely for a couple of hours, so I stuck a bait out. Four really good bites on paste and boilies. That was it!

Cregols end of lockdown.jpg

Spotted big fish on the surface under the opposite bank. Probably barbel, but at 100yds difficult to be sure.

I am guessing the barbel might be on spawning duties just now.

Still, Happy Days!


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