My First Baitfeeder Reel! The BF-65 by Okuma!

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Jan 25, 2018
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What is Okuma's Bait Feeding Switch? What Does It Do?

This feature is something local anglers aren't familiar with. When engaged it allows the predator fish time to digest the live/dead bait allowing a better hook-up. When the bait feeder switch is engaged the main drive separates from the spool and a secondary micro-drag system is engaged. This is not a free-spin mode, there's enough line tension so there's no line tangles or bird-nesting. When the bait feeder option is disengaged the main drag system re-aligns with the spool for full drag.

I found my hook-ups were solid and before i threw the switch after the fish swallowed the bait, the predator had no clue it was hooked until i tripped the bait feeder switch. I highly recommend this style of light dunking. I included a few videos of Eagle Nose Rays grabbing the baits and slowly swimming away with no idea that they were hooked until it was to late.

There's an Okuma BF-30/40/55/65/80. I chose the BF-65, a rather large spinner. This model has an impressive 9 stainless steel bearings +1 roller bearing (on a par with Shimano spinners). I love the 22lb max drag feature & over-sized handle as well. So far GT's, sharks, and rays are no problem. I have 300yrds of 65lb Power Pro Spectra on it. If a fish can take all 300yrds then it deserves it's freedom. Lol.



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