My NEW Budget Popping Rod Reviewed!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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I'm Using My NEW 9'6" Surf Rod As My NEW Popping Rod! Feels Great & a Great Price Too!

I recently started receiving 2021 releases because of looser COVID19 restraints (and it clamped down again). Today was Friday the 13th. I was reluctant but i still went out. I wanted to share what i felt was an economic budget combo of Okuma's Rockaway HD 9'6" Surf Rod coupled with the Rockaway RA-6000 Long Distance Spinning Reel. I wasn't sure if the pairing would be a success, but it was.

Years back i made a video on my favorite length of popping/plugging rods. 10ft. I used to use 1-1/4oz & 1-1/2oz more than any other weights. But with the advancements in technology i've found i can use slightly heavier lures and shorter rod lengths to achieve the same results w/no aching shoulders. The combo i used today is roughly 50% of the cost of an average popping/plugging rig.

The equipment of today is far advanced from 7yrs ago. In most cases lighter & stronger. Not always cheaper but some are if you know the market. These 2 recommended items are inexpensive compared to similar offered items. But not inferior. If you see me in the field still using this combo then you know it was for real.



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