My Okuma Rockaway & Azores Spinning Set-Up!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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My New Spinning "Whipping" Rig!

For years i grew-up spin casting the shorelines for smaller species. We call this "Whipping" here in Hawaii. Sometimes i get a knock-down hit that'll snap the line if my set-up is to light. Other times if i go with heavier line & lures i won't catch anything because i needed lighter line & smaller lures.

So i just ordered 2 extra spools, one for lighter braid & the other very light monofilament. Currently i have 20lb braid (250yds) on. I always wanted to go with Azores spinners. The stacked drag washer system is unique & powerful. And i just noticed how thick the bail wire is. For years i've used Shimano because it's light. But could never hold a large strike. For the slight difference in weight i think i'm going to be happy with the Azores. It may be heavier then comparable Shimano models but the stopping power & price tag is more attractive. Also the cost for extra Azores spools is very attractive as well.

Four years ago i purchased 4 Okuma T40X light casting rods between 7'9" - 10'9". It was then i fell in love with these type of rods by Okuma. I now have the 10' & 12' Rockaways & 3 "Hawaiian Custom Menpachi Rods" made especially for Hawaii also by Okuma. These are all spin casting rods.

I decided to go all Okuma because their products suit my style of fishing. It's up to everyone how they fish & what products they'll put their faith in. I'm slowly spooling reels & adding to my needs of-
1) Spin Casting rigs (different lengths).
2) Bait Casting rigs (also called Dunking, different lengths).
3) Plugging & Popping rigs (MH & H applications).
4) Sliding rigs (XH applications).

I'm going to stick with 1 brand for everything. Okuma has great products but not the hight price tags. When i start fishing again i'll show how everything "meshes" together. I'll most likely need to alter my equipment along the way but hopefully will find a working system that i can share with other curious watchers. Thanks:)