Name that pool/water @ Rogiet, Monmouthshire


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Jan 3, 2013
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Gods Neutral County - Monmouthshire
An elderly chap told me of a pool he and his son fished some 40yrs ago.

Tried finding information about this pool and asking various locals, with no joy.

Recently found it on a satellite image via the EA site, It shows it's locallity near Rogiet, Caldicot.

Where access is passing Severn Tunnel Jnc, over the Motorway (M4) turning left at jnc, at a house on R/H side and a roadway/track leading to a rifle firing range which is belived to be owned by the MOD. Beyond a field alongside this range is the pool/water which is said to have contained good carp many years ago. There is another private rifle firing range further along the road passing the house.

If anyone who locally knows of this pond/water of any information, please post..