Nash Titan Hi top bivvy


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I've just started getting back into fishing over the last year. I've done a few nights (in the summer) with a cheapy shelter, and I'm hoping to do a lot more plus a few in the winter. I'm after a bivvy to cover this. I was looking at a JRC Defender STI with wrap but I have been offered a Nash 2 man Titan Hi top bivvy with extreme canopy, storm poles, heavy duty groundsheet. I'm told it is in excellent condition as it has only been used once for a week in France. Asking price is £140.
Is this a good offer? or should I be looking at something else. I can't go higher than £150


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go for it - and ignore all the stuff about Nash gear - most of it is fine. My origional Titan Viper TT's still going strong....


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Just a quick update. I've had the bivvy for a couple of days just to check it out.
I believe it is one of the earlier titans as it is single skin,has a sewn in groundsheet and where the bracing arms fit through the material along the roof it is covered all the way along it. . The main part of the bivvy is immaculate. The material looks brand new. The taped seams all look in good condition.
There is also a spotless HD groundsheet that fits over the sewn in one.

The extreme canopy does have a couple of the taped seams coming apart where the porch extension poles rub against it.

Everything else is spot on, other than the pegs supplied, which are the 99p bent wire type.

Plus I've got him down to £125.
However have seen brand new 2 man JRC STI defenders and twin skins go for the same price.
Decisions, decisions
Titan or STI ???